Extending Dining Hall Hours

Date: May 19, 2015

To: Kevin Ososkie, Director of Dining Services, at kososkie@cnu.edu

From: Jimmy Herbst and James Kinnick, Students

Subject: Keep CNU Dining Facilities Open Until 2am


The purpose of this study was to propose research as to why Christopher Newport University should extend the hours of operation of dinner for Common’s & Regattas from open (4:30) to 2:00 a.m. and exactly how this could directly benefit CNU students as a whole


What is the benefit or need for keeping on-campus dining facilities open until 2:00am? First and most importantly, students should not have to leave their safe campus in order to get food. Newport News is known for having a high crime rate due to the criminal activity that goes on in certain areas of this city. It’s not only frightening for students, but it’s frightening for the parents. Leave the dining facility’s open for dinner until 2:00 am so students and parents feel safe.

Beyond safety purposes, having dining halls open until 2:00 am will encourage students to stay at the library and other educational focused locations. Speaking from personal experience, I usually get hungry late at night. In response, I will typically go off campus or retreat back to my dorm to satisfy my hunger. Although Einstein’s is open late, it typically isn’t the right venue to eat late night meals. I need a full meal at night that keeps me energized and focused to do my school work. This discourages students from staying up late in educational focused environments.

Keeping dining facilities open will also open up opportunities for students to work. There is a limited amount of on-campus jobs in circulation at CNU. Allowing students to work these hours will allow for students to have a little extra money in their pocket. Also, if administration is worried about students staying up until 2:00am working, more than likely they already are up until 2:00am so they mine as well earn some cash while they are at it.

To determine if this problem was universal of Christopher Newport University students, an online survey was sent via surveymonkey.com onto the facebook CNU Class of 2017-2020 pages. This qualitative research study used a case study approach to gather the data. The data is analyzed further in the theory section.

If you have questions or remarks contact myself, Jimmy Herbst, at james.herbst.13@cnu.edu or (757) 803-6593. If no response, please contact Jamie Kinnick at james.kinnick.13@cnu.edu.


“Keep CNU Dining Facilities Open Until 2:00am”

In May of 2016, Jimmy Herbst and James Kinnick, students at Christopher Newport University were disappointed in the current availability of our on-campus dining facilities. CNU dining facilities stop serving dinner at 8:00pm. In this endeavor, we proposed a survey to the CNU community to find out what their thought on this problem was. Through our analytical analysis, this problem was indeed campus wide. We had a wide range of students respond that believe on-campus dining facilities should extend the dinner hours of operation all the way to 2:00. This will allow for the athletes to eat their late night meals and allow students studying on campus in the library to eat at their convenience and return back to library after, feeling fully energized.

Tags: CNU, Christopher Newport University, meal plan, hours, students, dining, 2am, analysis, data, research, proposal, problem


Christopher Newport University has six dining facilities that use meal plans/swipes. The seven dining facilities are Regattas, Commons, Einstein’s, Discovery Bistro, Discovery Café, & The Discovery Grill. Of the seven dining facilities, only two offer meal swipes. Common’s and Regattas are also the only two dining facilities that also accommodate those individuals who eat healthy and are vegetarians. With this is mind, I propose that either Commons or Regattas dining facilities be open until 2:00am. This will ensure that each individual has the opportunity to eat any variety of food until 2:00am. Whether you are a vegan, health enthusiast, or just need a full meal to energize yourself, Regattas or Common’s will be there to accommodate you.



The theoretical approach we chose for our research was a case study. According to Ashley Marks, a case study is defined as: a study of an issue explored through one or more cases within a bounded system. Our “bounded system” is the student body of CNU that functions independently within its own environment. Under this case study approach we used detailed data collection involving in-depth survey questions focusing solely on the extension of CNU’s Dining Facilities service hours.




To collect our data we developed a survey through SurveyMonkey. Our survey collected qualitative data, meaning it measures the quality of something rather than its quantity. The survey consisted of ten questions where CNU Students were given multiple choice options to give their opinion on the current dining situations. The multiple choice questions were followed by a free response for students to express their opinion about the CNU dining facility service hours using their own words. This survey was released on the Four CNU student Facebook groups. Unfortunately, these Facebook pages can be accessible to anyone who requests to join the page, making our “bounded system” possibly unbound.




When the research was concluded, we found that there were 57 responses to our survey. The amount of responses were less than expected, however still portrayed a significant sample size containing various age groups.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 2.45.33 PM


Survey Questions

  1. In your opinion, does CNU offer enough late-night dining facilities?
  2. How often do you feel the need to eat late at night?
  3. Have you experienced difficulties finding late night food at CNU?
  4. Would a dining facility opened until 2 a.m. be beneficial to you?
  5. Would you go to a late-night dining facility opened until 2 a.m.?
  6. Do you feel safe when accessing late-night food after 12 a.m.?
  7. Would you eat healthier if Commons or Regattas were opened until 2 a.m.?
  8. Would having late-night dining hours positively affect your late-night study hours?
  9. As a Vegan, do you think you have enough late-night food options?
  10. How satisfied are you with the current late-night dining facility options? What would you change?


Question One

The first survey question asked was “In your opinion, does CNU offer enough late-night dining facilities?” This question was used as a platform for how the rest of the survey would go. It gave respondees an idea of what questions they would be answering. The data collected was that a whopping 80% of CNU students believed that the campus did not offer enough late-night dining facilities. The rest of students (20%) believed CNU offered enough late-night dining.


Question Two

The second survey question asked was, “How often do you feel the need to eat late night? This question was asked in order to find out if people even had a need for this proposal. As we analyze the data, 72% responded saying that they have a high need to eat late at night. 12% decided they had a moderate need to eat late at night. 10% indicated that they have a low need to eat late at night. 6% of the respondents said that they had absolutely no need to eat late at night. Overall, this data displays strong evidence that students at CNU do, in fact, feel the need to eat late at night.




Question Three

Another essential question we asked in our survey dealt with the difficulty students faced when searching for late-night food around campus. The survey consisted of four options for the students to choose from: extreme difficulty finding food, high difficulty finding food, moderate difficulty finding food and no difficulty finding food. Out of the 57 responses, the majority found extreme difficulty finding food at late hours around campus. The next highest response was a moderate difficulty finding late-night food. High difficulty closely followed with 13 out of 57 responses. Finally, the least chosen option was no difficulty finding late-night food here on the CNU campus. This data argues significantly that CNU late-night dining is challenging to find.



Question Four

Over 70% of CNU students felt that a dining facility opened until 2 a.m. would be tremendously beneficial to them in their everyday lives at CNU. 22% of students thought they would only benefit on the weekends at CNU. Finally, 8% of students believed a late-night dining facility would have no impact on their lives at CNU. This question solidifies our argument that students would definitely benefit from a dining facility opened until 2 a.m.


Question Seven

When asked if students would eat healthier having a dining facility such as Regattas or Commons opened late, 56% students thought they would eat healthier because of more options. 19% thought that this late-night food option would have little effect on eating healthier. The final 25% responded that a late-night dining facility would have no impact on their eating habits. This question was an attempt to explore more benefits of our proposal. Over half of the responders claimed a late-night dining facility would benefit their health.



Question Ten

Our final question was double-barreled. It first asked if CNU students were satisfied with the current late-night dining facility options. It then gave students the option to give their opinion about how they would change the late-night dining situation.

Actual Student Responses:

“We should definitely have more late-night food options on campus”

“Extending the dining hours of Commons and Regattas a few extra hours past the regular closing time of 8 p.m.”

“I’m fine with the way it is”

“I want other options than just a 24/7 hour 7/11 across Warwick. Not all students can survive on junk food.”

“More options. Some people have classes at inconvenient times and can’t eat during the current dining hall hours. If Commons or Regattas were opened later I would be satisfied”

“I’m content with 7/11”

“Einsteins is about the only source of food on campus and it is run by students. We should have a dining facility opened late that is not run by students.”






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